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FromCape Town
Valid DatesDecember 2021
AirlinesFlySafair, Kulula, Lift, Airlink, British Airways, CemAir, South African Airways

Top 3 Airlines in South Africa


FlySafair was founded by Safair, South Africa’s most well-known air logistics and specialist air services company. The company has over 48 years of experience. They are South Africa’s newest airline.

They have successfully and reliably transported food and medical supplies into difficult territories for the United Nations, World Food Program (WFP), and many other international aid agencies.

Flysafair domestic flight deals are about to get even more attractive for consumers. As competition heats up, this new airline will bring us cheaper flights. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive special offers on Safair flight tickets. Flysafair is a great option for the Cape Town – Johannesburg route.


Lift Airlines was founded in December 2020. The public was asked to name the new South African airline’s domestic flights South Africa. Although thousands of names were submitted to the airline, only one name was eligible for free airfare for one year.

Although telling your family and friends that you are catching the “Gravy Plane”, or “Planey McPlaneface”, is guaranteed to make them smile, “Lift,” has a more sophisticated sound to it. Jonathan Ayache, Gidon Novick and Global Aviation in South Africa operate the airline company. Gidon Novick founded Kulula airlines. Jonathan Ayache was a former Uber executive.

Eight South Africans submitted the name “Lift” This name reflects optimism and was chosen by the company. The main prize of free flights was split between the winners, who now have plenty of Lift tickets for the year. These names were also inscribed on Lift’s first aircraft that flew.

The decision to name the airline was just the beginning. The Lift team ensured that the airline was available for takeoff just in time to celebrate Christmas 2020.

Lift is a great option for travellers looking to fly the Cape Town – Johannesburg route.


Comair Limited was established in 1946. It is one of South Africa’s oldest operating airlines. South Africans own and manage it through its JSE listing. 2016 was the 70 th Anniversary of British Airways. British Airways is owned by Comair and’s holding firm, Comair Limited. It also marked the 20 th anniversary the franchise agreement between Comair & British Airways.

British Airways Comair operates domestic flights within South Africa, including regional and local flights. In 2001, was launched as South Africa’s first low cost airline. Comair is recognized by international standards for safety and frequent flyers for its reliability and affordability.

The partnership franchise agreement, which provides the Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program for business travellers to Comair, has established a solid business foundation.

Comair passengers recognize the importance of a reliable, cost-effective airline. Comair Limited’s competitive pricing has not only helped it grow, but so have its financial stability. This is due to its customer-focused approach and operational efficiencies. We monitor thousands of flights every day to ensure you have the best flight deals and the cheapest Comair flights. Below are some examples of the cheapest flights that we found this year.

Fly the Cape Town – Johannesburg route in style with British airways or Kulula, both operated by Comair.